Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fat Tire Festival

Well, the Wilson Lake Fat Tire Festival is in the books. This past Sunday, almost the entire Team High Gear showed up at Wilson lake for the fun. It was our last opportunity to see Cameron for a while, since the next day he was going to start his new job in Colorado Springs. Team High Gear was by far the larges represented team with Aaron, Matt, Stephanie, Garret, Bobby, Randy, Dustin, Dusti and myself present. It was an awesome site.

Below is a link to a really cool video that one of the riders shot with his helmet cam in the race! Check it out. http://vimeo.com/11449926

As usual, the course was awesome. It is by far, the best trail system within a days drive from home, and for this reason along it is worthy of the trip. Also, because of the fact that the Chamber's family was putting on the race, you knew that it would be a quality event, and would be stacked with many of the best riders from the region.
This was my first traditional cross country race of the year. I like to concentrate mostly on the endurance races, because I like the pace much better. As I get older, the slightly slower pace of the endurance races are much more comfortable. The traditional races are at such HIGH intensity, it is difficult for me to get it up that high for any period of time, and besides that, it inflicts a great amount of pain on the human body.

To make a long story short, even though it was the usual trip to the pain cave, it was a blast for the day! The weather, perfect. The course, challenging, fun and perfect. How did the team do? As expected, Aaron won the overall, and the rest of the team finished high in their respective divisions. As for me, even though I lost contact with the fast group I finished 2nd in my division.This weekend is mothers day, so I will not be racing in St. Joe, but hanging out with the family! The month of May looks a bit thin as far as racing goes, so it is looking like the Dirty Kanza might be next on the schedule. Nothing like a 200 miler! It looks like I need to be putting a LOT of miles in on the cross bike in the next few weeks. I think that is going to be the bike of choice for this particular event. Well, that is it for now. Keep checking back for the newest 411!

Peace Out!


LeLan Dains said...
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Stephanie said...

Great Job at the race!! Can't wait to cheer you on at the Dirty Kanza!!

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