Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow again

Well, It has been a while since the last post, again! No excuses, I have just been a lazy bum. Things have been going well and their is very little to report on. The training is going well, but I am beginning to get a little bored. I have at least been able to get outside quite a bit lately. On Thursday it was so dry that I actually saw a little dust on me after a nice gravel road ride. I was really looking forward to getting out on the trails for a little ride, but then, the next day it rained all day, snowed on Saturday and Sunday, and everything is frozen again today. So much for the trails until at least the weekend. I am so ready for the racing season to begin.

In other news, The new High Gear bike shop is coming along nicely. I got a look at it on Sunday, and it is going to be really cool! I can hardly wait for it to open in 3-4 weeks from now. You will really need to go down and check it out. It is A LOT bigger than their old shop, and they are going to be caring a lot of new stuff. It is a major expansion.
Today's product review: the Bontrager's XDX. I used this tire the entire summer last year. I really love it. This is one of the best all around tires that I have ever used. It is a fast tire that performs well on a variety of terrain, Bontrager's XDX uses small, closely spaced, well supported knobs to deliver superb traction in loose or dry conditions. Siping on the outer knobs improves traction on wet, slick surfaces, and the Tubeless Ready technology lets you enjoy all the advantages of tubeless while saving nearly 100 grams per wheel. Some of my favorite features are the rounded profile, and the 2.1 width. these features allow the tire to glue itself to the ground, and is very easy to handle in tight fast corners.

Well, if the cold is getting to you, and you are in need of riding partners, you might like to try out a few of the spinning tires down at Emporia Fitness. My team mate Garret leads the class, and rumor has it that if you want, he could work your butt over pretty good. Might be something to look into until the thaw! until next week, stay warm, and keep the rubber side down.

Peace Out,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let the LONG miles begin!!!

Well, I have once again been a little slow with the post. Sorry, but I have been extremely busy finishing up a project on my house. But, I am happy to announce that it is done, and I can focus all of my efforts to training!

Since my last post about a week and a half ago, I have been able to keep up with the training pretty much, despite all of the construction. Even with all of the business I have been able to get in 2-3 hours a day on the bike. The only problem is that I have only been outside a couple of times. Now that I will be having all of this free time I can start getting out pretty much every day. I will be able to finally start getting in some much needed LONG rides! The clock is ticking, and we now have 7 weeks until the Ouchita Challenge! I am really starting to get excited.

Some good news, team kits have been ordered, and are going to be really cool. They should get in about a week before the first race!
The final order of business for the day is the product review. This week I am going to talk about the Trek XO1. It is an cyclocross race bike, but I use it pretty much for training since I don't race cylcocross. The XO1 is an awesome bike. It is pretty much a road bike on steroids. It is great for many reasons. First, when conditions are bad, you can put on some skinny tires and use it as a road bike. The geometry, and drive train (cassette, rings, derailleurs, shifters, etc.) are the same as a road bike, so you can get out and put in some quality miles and not have to worry about mud.
Second, unlike a road bike you can take this bike on gravel roads, and even a little off road riding, as long as it is not to extreme. I love to take this bike out on some REALLY long gravel road grinders! All you have to do is put on some knobbies and you are ready for some action. This bike has some off road brakes, welded instead of lugged, and has better tire clearance so you can use some wider wheels. The beauty of gravel roads is the lack of cars. I can head out into the flint hills into the middle of no where on the gravel and minimal maintenance roads and not see a can for literally hours.

If you are wanting to put in some quality training, and not deal with cars, and not wear out your nice race bike, I would recommend that you go down to High Gear and have Matt hook you up with one of these! They are awesome. I know that for the next 4-5 weeks, I an going to put some serious mileage on mine. Until next week, train hard, and keep warm out there.

Peace out!