Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hydrate, or not to hydrate? much

It's that time of the week again. Their is not to much excitement going on right now. At work we are wrapping up our activities for the semester. We are officially done until the middle of January. We will spend the next couple of weeks getting ready for next semester. We are servicing our equipment, creating promotional material, and hiring and training new staff members.

Shelley and I have been pretty busy getting ready for Christmas. We have been buying presents for a couple of months now, so that we could spread out the expense, and not have to buy everything at the same time. This seems to be working pretty well! We are almost done with all of our shopping already. This past weekend after Thanksgiving and Molly's birthday we cleaned out carpets and decorated for Christmas. It is REALLY nice to have everything almost done. We can now relax and enjoy the season.

As for the training.....we are pretty much on schedule. I have been able to be very regular with all of the workouts. I am seeing increase in strength from the weightlifting, the run is as it always is. It is their. I am now up to six miles every day that I lift weights. As for the riding, it is going REALLY well! I have recently increased the mileage, and the MPH has got fasted in the past couple of weeks. I am really happy the way the riding is progressing. The only issue at this time is the temperature. It has been getting REALLY cold. It is not that my body is getting to cold. It is the fact that the hydration is becoming a little challenging. It is so cold that I have to drink real frequently so that it doesn't freeze, and since it is so cold, you don't sweat as much. This causes a new problem. You stay SO hydrated, that you have to take frequent "NATURAL" breaks!

This weekend Shelley is going to Kansas City Saturday with the girls. They are going on an all day shopping trip. This means that I can get in an extended bike ride in! BIG FUN!!! Well, I hope that everybody has a Blessed week!

Peace Out!