Thursday, October 2, 2008

The way of the cross

This week has been a blast! I have now had the new cyclocross bike for a week, and what a fun week it has been. At this point all I have to say is "LOVE THE BIKE". I have taken the XO out on a few road rides, and they have been as fast as any rides that I have done at any point this entire year. The bike is fast!

I have also ventured out and explored the world of cyclocross. I have never tried it before, but had found it quite interesting. On Saturday, I went out to Randy's house with Matt and Stephanie Brown, Matt Day, Garret Seacat, and Shawn Honie. They have built a cross course out at Randy's and they were going to take me out and give me some pointers. What a hoot! That cyclocross stuff is really different and a lot of fun.

I think that it will be a fun way to help stay in shape over the cold winter months. I had so much fun, that I went out their again on Tuesday and rode again. I hope to go out their a couple of times a week over the winter. Check out what cyclocross is like on this youtube video! As for the rest of the training, it has been a little slow. I have missed one of the lifting and running days due to having fun on the new bike.

Now that I have got use to the new bike a little, I will now get back to the regularly scheduled workouts, and get focused again on training for next summer.

On a side note. It is really starting to cool off in the mornings around here. Today it was 39 when I left for a ride! It gave me a chance to try out the new winter riding gear, and boy is it great. It is SOOOO toasty warm. By time I got home I was dripping with sweat. I am definitely going to be able to stay warm on those cold winter days.

As for the Disciple concert that is coming up..... Things are coming along nicely, and we are able to see a lot of excitement around town for it. Every day their are people coming into the bike shop telling Matt how they are really looking forward to the concert. I am getting sooo excited for it. I believe that God is going to do some amazing things that day! Stay tuned for the latest updates as the date approaches. And, it you have not purchased your ticket yet, hurry down and get one. Their are only six weeks left, and the tickets are beginning to sell quickly!

Well, I will let you all go for now. I hope to speak with you all soon, and hope that you all have as blessed week as I have had.

Peace out!