Wednesday, September 23, 2009's over.

Well, this past week I was all dressed up and had no place to go. I had trained pretty good the past couple of weeks to prepare for the Kansas City Cup. That was to be the last mountain bike race on the schedule for this year. I felt like I was in decent shape. Not quite where I was before the injury, but close.

It would have been fun to race this past weekend, and missed being their with the guys, but those things happen on occasion. The HiFi has not got it's new part yet, so I had no bike to race.

Since the season is now officially over, I have backed off a little this week, and have begun some base training on the bike, and am returning to the weight room. Soon, since it is really beginning to cool down, I will mess around with a little running to mix it up a little.

Who knows, since I am putting most of the time in on the cross bike, maybe I will toy with the idea of doing a couple of cross races so that I don't get too bored! Check back later for some more updates on life!!!

Peace out!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

And life goes on!

Life has been returning to normal lately. School has begun, the house has been repaired and ready for winter, the body is healed and I am beginning to get consistent miles again.

Since the injury, I started back on the bike for about 3 days the first week, intentionally keeping it out of the big ring. It was a slow and wimpy start, but each day out I could feel the strength coming back, and the pace picking up, then disaster struck this past labor day weekend. Last Thursday we had a real down pour and when we went to the basement the next morning, the shop and laundry room were flooded.

After we found our what was going on, I began working on the drainage issue that we had. This involved digging a 65 feet drainage ditch and creating a french drain that stretched from out back yard, all the way along the south boundary of our property to about mid-way into out front yard. After the drain was built, I had to fill it back in, re sculpt the ground along part of the south side of the house and throw down some grass seed. It was a killer project, but is already paying dividends. The day after I finished, it rained long and pretty hard, and we are now staying high and dry!

In the biking world, things are mixed. On labor day Shelley and I rode across town and rode our bikes with our grand daughter Olivia. As we were getting close to their house, the HiFi was was starting to make funny noises, and I thought that the wheel was just a little out of alignment. Just before we were going to ride back across town to our house, I went to try to adjust the back wheel to stop the break squeak, and this is when I found out that the carbon fiber seat stay on the right side was broken!!!!! What a drag!!! The next day I took it down to High Gear Bike Shop and Matt took pictures, and emailed them to see if the part could be replaced under warranty.

Since Labor Day I have been on the cross bike, and have found that I have kind of missed riding it. I have not really been on it since the Dirty Kanza 200, the last day of May. I have been hammering out the miles on the HiFi. The cross bike is all pimped out now and working well. Now that fall is just around the corner, I think that I am going to begin spending quite a bit more time on the cross bike. It has become my tool of choice during the fall and winter months. It is the work horse!!!

It feels nice to be getting out now on some regular, consistent training rides. Life is really looking good to me right now. Well, that is it for now. Keep tuned in for the next edition. Until then,

Peace out!