Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back in the saddle!

Well, it has been a while since I have updated this thing. The last month or so has been slow, but things are now beginning to pick up. I spent the month of July riding and training in the heat. I have been experimenting on ways to keep cool on those days that reach triple digits. I now have a few secret weapons in the arsenal that have been tested and work pretty well. The will be unveiled in good time.

This past weekend was a race at Perry lake. One of my favorite trails in Kansas. Four days before the race, I went up their to preride the course, and to just enjoy spending some time on some quality single track. It was a blast! I got there about 11:30am, and met Lelan There! He was just pulling in from New York. We had a hot, but great time riding a few laps and catching up.

On Sunday the two of us rode up there together to meet up with a bunch of other emporians. We saw, Tom Hayden, Jed Sampsel, Ann Maree Garett, Randy Smith, Garret Seacat and teammates Dusti Saposi and Aarone Elwell. It was great to hang out with everybody for the day.As for the Race, it went pretty well. I was able to hang with the fast group for most of the first lap, but the pace was a little high for me to hold for the entire race, so I backed it off a little and hoped that someone would blow up. but no suck luck. These traditional cross country races are pretty much a suffer fest.

In the end I finished fourth, and was content with that. Their was quite a strong field that day, and the first three finishers were just plain fasted than I was. In the end Doug Long (National Champion just a couple of years ago) won. Man is he fast for our age!

Well check back soon. The second half of the season is just getting started, and I am working on getting a little fasted. Plus, their are some really good endurance races still to come. Until next time.

Peace Out!