Friday, May 22, 2009 update!

Due to laziness, I have not updated lately. My schedule has changed and I am working from noon until 8:00pm. This has caused a dramatic change in everything. Train until 11:00am, then work until 8:00pm, then go home and enjoy the family for a couple of hours. Everything is going will.

Lake Wilson.......really fun course, and more quality riders than I thought would be. Rode the new mountain bike, it is awesome! Came in 6th. Been getting In regular training since then. No long rides, but quality rides. Been on the cross bike since lake Wilson, due to the Dirty Kanza next weekend (May 30). Think that I have the bike set up to my liking. If I ever get my lazy butt in gear I will take pictures of it, and the new mountain bike so you all can see them!

On more good training ride tomorrow, then the wife unit and myself will be going to Kansas City for the weekend. It is our anniversary Sunday and we are going their to celebrate. This will give me two days off of the bike. Then I will taper next week for the race. Just a couple of shorter rides, and rest the legs to get all of their strength back.

After this, the cross bike will be retired for the remainder of the summer. It will be time to play on the mountain bike until fall!

Check back next week for a possible up date before the Dirty Kanza. I will try, but can't promise anything.

PS. Their will be a mountain bike race at Camp Alexander on July 19! BE THEIR!!!

Peace Out!